Tube Rentals


Tube rentals are $4 per day. Please let the person at the bar know you are interested in renting a tube and they will meet you by the gate out front. Please have a photo ID and vehicle to transport the tube. And as always, enjoy the Sacramento River!


Upper & Lower Garden Beach Rental



The Upper Garden (below the patio to the launch ramp)


Monday-Thursday: $300/hr

Friday: $400/hr

Saturday: $500/hr

Weekend (Fri.-Sunday): $2,000.00


Lower Garden (from boat ramp to State Parks launch)


Monday-Sunday: $200/hr

Weekend (Fri.-Sunday): $1,000.00


*Discounts are available for both gardens based on event. Please call: 530-710-2020 for details and to submit a request.

Boat Launch

Memberships are sold out. To request a membership or to put your name on the wait list please call 530-710-7020.

Daily Launch Fee: $12.00 with parking. Limited to daily availability so please call ahead: 530-710-7020.